Liebman’s Deli

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“Liebman’s Delicatessen is a Bronx landmark, providing the best in Kosher foods and catering. Since 1953, Liebman’s Deli has been a ‘family tradition’. Both for the deli and for our customers. The delicatessen is still run by the family that started it all…still serving the children and grand-children of our original customers.  Whether your are looking for the finest in Kosher foods, excellent catering or a great place in the Bronx to sit down and kibbitz – Liebman’s Delicatessen should be your first choice in the Bronx.”

…. from the New York Times


In 1953 when Joe Liebman opened his deli on Johnson Avenue there were more than 100 Jewish Delis in the Bronx. Undaunted by the competition Joe believed that if he consistently served his customers truly outstanding quality food with really great friendly service he could succeed.

He was right!

That is precisely why out of the more than 100 Jewish Delis that existed in the Bronx in 1953, Liebman’s is the last one standing.

When Joseph Dekel acquired Liebman’s in 1980 he renovated the restaurant but not the recipes. In fact he had the foresight to have the “old timers” in the kitchen train a young man to prepare and cook Liebman’s offerings just as they had since the store had opened. That young man, now 50, Marcello our Head Chef – has in turn continued to train newer members of our kitchen staff just as he was.

Today Liebman’s Deli, with Joseph Dekel’s son Yuval at the helm continues a long tradition of providing our customers with the highest quality food while treating them like family.

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Even though Liebman’s Deli is a “schlep” as they may say, it is definitely a worthwhile trek and stands up there as one of the best, if not the best delis in New York City. It’s right up there with Katz’s as far as quality, but it’s much cheaper and has far fewer humans to dodge inside.

The pastrami is juicy, hot, fresh, and is so soft it melts in your mouth. Their combo sandwiches hit the spot like turkey, roast beef, and cole slaw on rye. All cuts of meats and open face sandwiches have been great here. The potato salad, cole slaw, the fries, the frankfurters… everything here is delicious. Of course, they also have all of your beloved pre-requisite New York deli sodas including but not limited to Dr. Brown’s. The employees are kind, polite, helpful, and so much more low key than Manhattanite deli employees.

It’s one of those few, legitimate, old school New York Jewish delis surviving from an era most of us can only imagine or dream about. This deli is a genuine taste of old New York and the area is a curious place to explore- especially with Wave Hill and Riverdale Park nearby offering gorgeous nature respites and breathtaking views of the New Jersey palisades. Liebman’s is an elite deli worth taking a trip for.

Dan B.




Liebman’s Deli
552 W. 235th St.
(Johnson Ave.)
Bronx, NY 10463
Open 7 Days a Week
Takeout 9am-10pm
Dine in 10:30am-9:30pm
Delivery 12pm-8pm